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Project Liberty Convenes First Annual Student Assembly




During Unfinished Live, a select group of students will launch a new effort to engage future leaders in shaping a more equitable digital future.

NEW YORK, Sept. 22, 2022 – The Project Liberty Student Assembly, a transatlantic convening of emerging young leaders passionate about building a more equitable digital future, will convene for the first time in New York City during Unfinished Live 2022. The participants include 30 student leaders – 15 from Sciences Po in Paris and 15 from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. – who were selected from more than 550 applicants. These students will participate in Unfinished Live and join forces to launch a new initiative to engage young people in creating a healthier internet and society.

The students will work directly with Project Liberty, a nonprofit initiative to transform how the internet works in order to enable healthier digital communities and shift power from major platforms to people. During Unfinished Live, participants in the Project Liberty Student Assembly will explore ways for students to engage and empower their generation in shaping a more equitable and healthier web.

“To realize the mission of Project Liberty, it is crucial that we engage with tomorrow’s leaders and empower young people to contribute,” said Frank McCourt, founder of Project Liberty. “These digital natives are intimately aware of the promise, as well as the perils, of technology and digital connectivity. We need their perspectives, recommendations and, above all, their enthusiasm.”

Following Unfinished Live, Student Assembly participants will continue to collaborate and exchange best practices for expanding their efforts across and beyond their academic communities.

“By bringing together a diverse group of highly motivated students, Project Liberty is working to ensure the next generation plays its part in defining the next iteration of the web,” said Alexandre Kleitman, Youth Engagement Lead for Project Liberty. “It’s exciting to help provide these emerging leaders not only with a seat at the table, but also the tools and resources to turn their ideas into action.”

The Student Assembly includes undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students from 13 countries. In addition to the Student Assembly participants, more than 400 students, representing over 40 colleges and universities across North America and Europe, are attending Unfinished Live.

About Project Liberty

Project Liberty aims to create a new civic architecture for the digital world that returns the ownership and control of personal data to individuals, embeds ethical values into technology, and expands economic opportunities for web users and developers alike. The initiative seeks to accelerate the world’s transition to an open, inclusive data economy that puts citizens in control — a future in which all people can benefit from their participation and contributions. The success of this work depends on many people and organizations actively working together to shape a better future. Project Liberty is working to engage diverse voices and equip them with the critical infrastructure needed to catalyze change. The tech team behind Project Liberty has developed a groundbreaking open-source protocol called the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP) to serve as a new infrastructure for the next generation of the web. Project Liberty is also bringing together networks of organizations that seek change, including the formation of McCourt Institute, to help ensure that digital governance is embedded and prioritized in the development of new technology.