Project Liberty and La Plateforme Partner to Reimagine Social Networks and Train Future Tech Leaders




Project Liberty, which aims to transform the way the internet works to support democracy, restore trust, and create a more equitable economy, announces a new partnership with the Mediterranean campus of La Plateforme, a digital and new technologies school focused on training future tech leaders and supporting Web3 innovation.

PARIS, FRANCE – Project Liberty is teaming up with La Plateforme for Innovation Lab’s second challenge, “Web3 & Social Networks of Tomorrow,” an ambitious effort to recruit talent and create several new prototypes that demonstrate the future of decentralized social networks made possible by the shared social graph and blockchain-enabled technologies developed under the banner of Project Liberty.  

This challenge is part of a Marseille-based bootcamp, which runs from March 25 until June 10, 2022. Participants will conduct research on today’s social media landscape, imagine and explore new models and, ultimately, consolidate tangible ideas to build proof-of-concept prototypes. The prototypes will be developed by La Plateforme’s students during summer 2022 into functional, testable applications of decentralized social networks and presented at the Unfinished Live conference in September in New York City. 

More information about the bootcamp, including how to enroll, can be found here.

In 2021, La Plateforme joined the Unfinished Network, a community of institutions working toward a more just future in technology, democracy, and the economy.

Cyril Zimmermann, founder of La Plateforme stated:

“We are glad to initiate this pioneering partnership together with Project Liberty, which is contributing more than code and frameworks — it’s about sharing the same values and empowering people through education in a fast-moving digital world.

We are excited to work with students, passionate creatives interested in digital culture and future design, researchers, engineers and developers, young entrepreneurs, and others who are concerned about digital, social, and economic justice.” 

Frank McCourt, Founder of Project Liberty, and Chairman & CEO of McCourt Global, Inc., said:

“We are thrilled to deepen our partnership with La Plateforme to create opportunities for the Marseillais, develop future tech leaders, and advance a new architecture for the web that’s decentralized, open to all, and – by its very design – would shift the awesome power of the internet and the value it creates from major platforms to people, and help to address our most urgent societal challenges.

Decentralization and Web3 bring new opportunities to rethink social networks and explore new models that are less harmful and more inclusive. We look forward to the creative thinking and new use cases our partnership will help to unlock.”

To officially launch the partnership and the innovation lab, La Plateforme will host an inaugural event on March 25, 2022, at 09:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT / 17:00 CET, featuring artist and social media researcher Darius Kazemi, and president of Unfinished Labs Braxton Woodham. Follow live here.



Project Liberty

Project Liberty aims to create a new civic architecture for the digital world that returns the ownership and control of personal data to individuals, embeds ethical values into technology, and expands economic opportunities for web users and developers alike. The initiative seeks to accelerate the world’s transition to an open, inclusive data economy that puts citizens in control — a future in which all people can benefit from their participation and contributions. The success of this work depends on many people and organizations actively working together to shape a better future.

Project Liberty is working to engage diverse voices and equip them with the critical infrastructure needed to catalyze change. The tech team behind Project Liberty has developed a groundbreaking open-source protocol called the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP) to serve as a new infrastructure for the next generation of the web. Project Liberty is also bringing together networks of organizations that seek change, including the formation of McCourt Institute, to help ensure that digital governance is embedded and prioritized in the development of new technology.

La Plateforme

La Plateforme is a school of digital and new technologies co-founded with the Club Top 20 bringing together the major companies of the Aix-Marseille metropolis. It includes a diversified training offer designed to train coders and web developers, security experts, engineers specialized in Artificial Intelligence, and company executives through continuing education cycles. La Plateforme welcomed 400 students over the year 2021-22 and plans to train 3,000 students in 2025-26 to become the top European digital campus.  


If you are interested in attending the March 25th event or interview opportunities, contact Ana Ramic, McCourt Institute,, +49(0)15165114216.