Romain Defouillhoux

Romain Defouilhoux

Blockchain Developer, Co-Founder Aurora Society

Romain Defouilhoux is a developer. He started taking an interest both in blockchain and in coding while studying at HEC Paris. After graduating from HEC in management and public affairs, he entered the space field and started working as a procurement contract manager on the Ariane 6 Launcher Program while coding in his spare time. He later decided to change career paths to work as a fulltime developer on the backend side of web and mobile applications. A long-time blockchain enthusiast, he is passionate about smart contract development and believes blockchain can usher in new models of democracies worldwide. For the past 5 years, he has been reading books on blockchain, Web3, browsing enthusiast communities, reading reports, and sharing his knowledge of the field through a course he wrote and taught in San Francisco, as well as private seminars.