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Nathalie Jacquet

Head of Strategy and Development, Sciences Po

Nathalie Jacquet has served as Director of the Euro-American campus of Sciences Po in Reims since its inauguration in 2010, and is now the VP for Strategy and Development.

With two degrees in management and organizational psychology, she has spent her career in both large corporations and academia, working successively with Air France, the Reims Management School, BPCE banking and Sciences Po. Her field of expertise lies in development in the context of innovative education, employing the highest international standards.

In her later position as director of the Reims campus, Nathalie Jacquet met the challenge of making the Euro-American program exist and grow, and oversaw the relocation of the Euro-African program to Reims and its expansion with the best synergies with its new environment. In parallel, she settled the new location in Reims and made sure the big renovation and construction plan remained aligned with Sciences Po needs and vision. She developed many partnerships with sponsors in the public sector and major corporations and organizations. The Reims campus is now hosting over 1,500 students and has become central among Sciences Po College’s strategy.

As the Director of development activities for Sciences Po for the past four years, she has developed a wide network of sponsors and partners and initiated a range of innovative projects, while launching a capital campaign in 2018.

Nathalie Jacquet is also engaged in promoting gender equality, through various professional and personal commitments.