Michael Bailey

Walsh Professor, McCourt School of Public Policy and Department of Government, Georgetown University

Michael A. Bailey is the Colonel William J. Walsh Professor of American Government in the Department of Government and McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University. His research focuses on applying statistical techniques to answering questions at the intersection political science, policy, law and and economics.

In his work on the Supreme Court, Bailey has studied the role of ideology and legal values on Supreme Court decision making, producing, among other publications, The Constrained Court: Law, Politics and the Decisions Justices Make with Forrest Maltzman.

In his work on public opinion polling, Bailey focuses on re-thinking the way we design surveys in order to provide us more information about how serious non-response bias may be.

In his work on welfare policy, Bailey presented strong evidence that while poor single mothers’ decisions on where to live are influenced by state welfare policies, these decisions are even more strongly influenced by family ties.

Bailey is the author of two statistics books.  The goal of these books is to get to interesting and useful statistical material as quickly as possible.  To be useful, the books focus on endogeneity (“correlation is not causation”) and to be interesting, the books quickly start using real data sets to answer important questions. The books are quite similar.  Real Stats focuses on political and policy examples. Real Econometrics focuses on economic and policy examples.

As a former Monbusho Scholar at the Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (then at Saitama University) in Japan, Bailey is conversational in Japanese and interested in Japanese politics.