Our Work

The McCourt Institute was established in 2021 with a $75 million initial investment. The Institute aims to enhance digital governance by supporting timely, actionable research on ethical technology and serving as a meeting ground for technologists, social scientists, policymakers and governance experts, and leaders from the public and private sector. Together, these interdisciplinary partners will create a framework for online activity and growth that supports innovation and focuses on technology for the common good.

Through the McCourt Institute, founding partners Sciences Po and Georgetown University will each receive grants of $25 million over 10 years to support the development of new scientific work conducted by their community of researchers.

Funded projects are selected by Georgetown University and Sciences Po Steering Committees. The first allocation of grants will be announced in early 2022.

In addition to supporting research, the Institute will play a convening role for interdisciplinary experts focused on advancing technology for the common good.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee ensures all partners and projects contribute toward the overall strategy of the McCourt Institute. Its missions include the management of the selection procedure for funded projects as well as the monitoring of the execution of selected projects, the appointment of dedicated “liaison officers,” the coordination with different internal and external networks, and elaborating communication strategy of partnerships.


Michael Bailey

Walsh Professor, McCourt School of Public Policy and Department of Government, Georgetown University


Maria Cancian

Dean of the McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University

JHE copia

Jacques-Henri Eyraud

President, McCourt Europe, Middle East & Africa


Pierre François

Dean of the School of Research, Sciences Po


Stephan Haimo

Chairman of the Board of Directors, American Sciences Po Foundation

NEWS_NJ2 copia

Nathalie Jacquet

Head of Strategy and Development, Sciences Po


Don Moynihan

Professor and inaugural McCourt Chair at the McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University


Guillaume Plantin

Dean Research and Faculty, Sciences Po

Monsieur Xavier Ragot.
Président de l'Observatoire français des conjonctures économiques.

Xavier Ragot

Director of the French Economic Observatory (Observatoire français des conjonctures économiques, OFCE), Sciences Po


Shéhérazade Semsar⁠-⁠de Boisséson

Inaugural Executive Director, McCourt Institute

lisa_singh copia

Lisa Singh

Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Georgetown University


Cornelia Woll

President of the Academic Board, Sciences Po


Braxton Woodham

McCourt Global, President of Unfinished Labs

Liaison officers

Georgetown University
Steering Committee

Gordon Berlin

Gordon Berlin

Research Professor, McCourt School for Public Policy, Georgetown University

Sciences Po
Steering Committee

Maxime Marzin

Maxime Marzin

Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, Sciences Po