Usbek & Rica
By Pablo Maille
May 12, 2022

Facebook is not loyal to its users, it is loyal to itself

Is another digital world (still) possible? We discussed this with activist Ethan Zuckerman, who has been campaigning for years for the end of the advertising model and better regulation of social networks.

“I would probably go back to that final suspension.” Asked by the Financial Times about the fate of Donald Trump’s account, deleted following the Capitol riots in January 2021, Elon Musk once again proclaimed his willingness to return to the principle of “freedom of speech” … while specifying that he was “not yet the official owner of Twitter” – and therefore that such a decision was “not for tomorrow.” However, since the purchase of the social network by the American billionaire, debates on the best way to regulate and moderate social networks are intensifying. On the occasion of his visit to Paris, where he participated in a May 10 conference on the “future of social networks” organized by Sciences Po and the McCourt Institute, we took the time to discuss this with Ethan Zuckerman, associate professor at the University of Massachusetts, former director of the prestigious MIT Center for Civic Media and creator of the research center Institute for Digital Public Infrastructure. Since the 1990s, he has been actively advocating for the emergence of an “alternative model” for digital media.