Le Point
By Guillaume Grallet
June 24, 2022

Building a new Web: The OM owner’s crazy project

“Technology should not be seen as a tool that benefits the few,” says Frank McCourt, initiator of Project Liberty.

“Making technology work for society is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. It’s time to take a hard look at how we use technology: how it is created, developed and used. It should not be seen as a tool that benefits the few, but as an engine for the common good.” It is interesting to listen to Frank McCourt, current owner of Olympique de Marseille, on the future of the Internet. For the man who was born in Boston in 1953 and made his fortune in real estate, Project Liberty, which he initiated and to which he has rallied researchers from Georgetown University and Sciences Po, aims to create “a new civic architecture for the digital world” by returning ownership and control of personal data to individuals.