June 29, 2022

An Interview with Frank H. McCourt, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, McCourt Global and Founder, Project Liberty

Q: Did you always know you had an entrepreneurial spirit?

A: I would say that I was born with it. I think a lot about my great-grandfather who came over to this country as a 13-year-old from Ireland. As an adult, he worked for the Boston Gas Company, and when he was 50, he decided to start his own company – leaving a secure job to follow his vision and belief in himself and the possibilities that this country offered. When I look at the company today, five generations later, it has clearly changed a great deal. Today, we work all over the world in many different businesses. But at our core, we are entrepreneurs and builders, and not a day goes by that I do not think about my great-grandfather and all of my ancestors, and my parents in particular. The entrepreneurial spirit is part of my DNA and I believe that it is part of McCourt Global’s DNA as well.