Web3 & Empowerment

January 24, 2023
5:00 – 7:00PM CET
McCourt Institute, Sciences Po, Paris

Web3 & Empowerment


On January 24, the McCourt Institute will hold its fourth event in the “Web3 &” series. This event is organized in partnership with the Global Shapers (WEF). The panel discussion will gather various tech experts, media experts as well as social scientists to decrypt the issues at hand and discuss the possible solutions that Web3 can represent in empowering communities, individuals and some countries.

The objectives of this panel will be to bring understanding to what extent Web3 can be a source of empowerment, discussing accessibility issues and clues to bridge the digital divide and offering a vulgarization of Web3.

The event is open in-person to Sciences Po students and external guests, and will be live streamed publicly on the McCourt Institute website.


Web3 & Empowerment
Michelle Chivunga

CEO/Founder of Global Policy House, Senior Government Advisor inBlockchain/Web3    

Michelle’s first engagement relating to the digital economy/blockchain was in 2009 and has since then been leading in evaluating the growth of the digital economy and potential of emerging technologies such as Blockchain/DLT, AI, Quantum computing, Big Data and others. Michelle is leading blockchain adoption in Africa and Emerging Markets and has been undertaking research and educating on these with university partners and global institutions such as WTO, UN, World Bank, African Union and many others. 

Michelle previously worked for the British Bankers Association UK (now UK Finance) managing a range of corporate financing projects working with many global senior stakeholders – mainly with governments, business/ finance leaders and development institutions. 

Michelle now owns her own digital and investment business exploring emerging technologies such as Blockchain technology in the context of emerging markets, trade, enterprise and sustainable development. Often referred to as a young thought leader in the Blockchain space, Michelle is working across borders to evaluate the impact of emerging technology for different segments of society including women/business/governments and others, helping to educate about how to leverage digital tools to drive forward social and economic development. 

Web3 & Empowerment
Naomie Halioua

President of “Women in Web3” 

Naomie Halioua is an engineer graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and Paris-Dauphine University with a specialty in AI. Naomie co-founded the association “Women in Web3” in June 2022, supported by The Sandbox, World of Women, Tezos, Avalanche, Morpho. Women in Web3 is a collective whose main mission is to educate, connect and empower women in the Web3 space. It aims to become one of the largest women communities in Web3. Naomie is also a DeFi Product Manager at Kaiko, a crypto data provider. She oversees the product pipeline from research to launch. Naomie has strong skills in Artificial Intelligence: NLP, Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning and in Web3: DeFi, Crypto, DAOs, Blockchain, Tokenomics. 

Web3 & Empowerment
Jeremy Giraud

Education entrepreneur, Web3 consultant 

Jeremy Giraud is a Web3 (NFT/DAO) consultant, graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and HEC Paris. Jeremy is currently building a new company on education, picking the best of traditional high education (High-quality content/curated network of alumnis) and the digital era (flexibility/scalability) to build a new category in lifelong education, putting community and curation at its core. Jeremy is truly dedicated to popularizing and clarifying Web3 for all. He is hosting a podcast (“1,2,3: Web3 pour tous !”) and writing a book on the matter. 

Web3 & Empowerment
Leïla Mörch

Program Manager, Project Liberty

Leïla  specializes in the digital transformation of the State, the challenges of content moderation and social media regulation, as well as the use of new technologies for public good. She previously coordinated a research project at Stanford University at the Content Policy and Society Lab, in search of more ethical moderating artificial intelligences that respect the framework of values and principles chosen by the populations concerned. 

She also worked at the French National Assembly as a parliamentary collaborator. Her missions were to support the digital acculturation of societies, in particular on the stakes of blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital inclusion and education and the use of new technologies in public policies. She also founded her NGO, the Francophone Federation of the Future, which aims to capitalize on ethical new technologies to imagine and build the Francophonie of tomorrow. 


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